Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a versatile choice for your home and office. They offer privacy and security as well as excellent control of solar light and heat. 1000s of top quality fabrics to choose from with a selection of shaped bottom trims and varied combinations of finishing braids and poles. We have a huge range shapes to choose from and a selection of braids to complement your Roller Blind fabric. To make your Roller Blind even more exclusive we have a deluxe range of poles and Finials to give your Roller Blind a more modern feel. Add that little extra to your Roller Blind with choice of stylish pulls, try mixing different styles and finishes from natural woods to modern metals all to give your Roller Blind that individual look.
Roller blinds offer a variety of shading option:
  • Standard Shading
  • Dim out option
  • Black out option
  • Reflective SPC coating
Below are a small sample of some of the shapes available:
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