Window Blinds

At Best Blinds, we offer a huge selection of blinds to suit all of your domestic and commercial needs.

Whatever shape, style, colour or size you need, we can provide it at the best quality, best price and best service available.


Versatile and classic, Wood and Faux Wood Blinds provide many options for the customer looking for optimum views, complete privacy and somewhere in-between.

Wood Blinds have been a relevant window treatment option for centuries. Their functionality, simple design and affordable pricing have made them even more popular today, especially with the introduction of Faux Wood Blinds. Our customer’s appreciate the flexibility that Wood and Faux Wood Blinds offer. They can be opened for maximum view, closed for privacy or the slats can be adjusted to allow the right amount of light as well as the view that is desired.

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Wood and Metal modern, streamlined and versatile, Venetians are an easy solution for the windows in your home or office.

With three ways in which to operate this simplistic window covering, positioning them up, down or in-between via a tilting mechanism that allows you to adjust the slats, Venetian blinds can be a great choice. These blinds come in 5mm, 25mm, 35mm & 50mm slats which create a different style statement, yet continues the mid-century modern theme that makes this window treatment the perfect choice for the modern interior.

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A classic choice for the home and office, vertical blinds are an attractive and affordable option for your window coverings.

Unlike Venetians, these blinds hang vertically from a head rail similar to curtains, making them elegant and very easy to operate. You can operate these blinds either on the left or right and have them bunching left right or even split.

You can also choose from over 2000 different colour fabrics for these blinds including Blackout and solar protective backing.

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Roller blinds are a versatile choice for your home and office. They offer privacy and security as well as excellent control of solar light and heat.

1000s of top quality fabrics to choose from with a selection of shaped bottom trims and varied combinations of finishing braids and poles.

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Roman Blinds provide a great choice for people who are seeking a modern alternative to curtains. We have a sophisticated collection of fabrics and blinds available.

The classic drapery effect of curtains is captured in the elegant lines of Roman blinds. A great choice for adding style and warmth to bedrooms and living rooms, these shades reflect the stateliness of the ancient Empire of Rome with their enduring style.

This traditional style of blinds is popular throughout Europe from Rome to Romania, so why not have a taste of the continent in your home.

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